3D Brawler Update

Well, the whole finish-a-game-in-7-days things didn’t quite work out. Today is day 7, and I’m hardly done with my 3D brawler mini project. I’m not a fan of excuses but some friends from out of town came to visit and my whole weekend was basically gone. But I do have the basic concept working, which is going around exchanging punches with some dude. Here to illustrate the gameplay in action is a hastily constructed gif for your enjoyment:


Got some names swirling in my head for what the game’s title is going to be, but I’ll leave that undecided for now. It really depends on what mood and setting the game ends up with. I really didn’t want to spend more than a week on this so I can return to working on Deadweight, my main game project, but I like to finish what I started. Besides, I’m learning a lot of cool new techniques that I plan to use on Deadweight so it’s not at all a waste of time.

Day 4 of Game Jam

Wednesday was a bust for productivity. Didn’t sleep well the night before and as a result the whole day was wasted on internet surfing and other consumer activities. Thursday I managed to squeeze in some development time for my 3D first person brawler and made some exciting progress. Well, exciting to me. Basically, more stuff I can apply to Deadweight that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Not much in the way of screens – it was mostly under the hood type of work. I’ll need to start posting videos or animated gifs to fully convey the progress that has been made. I got the code for character animations, hit reaction, and death to work. Today I’ll be adding HUD elements to relay information on things like health and stamina. 3 days left. I’ll decide when this is over what to do with the game – either upload on this site for free or iron it out for a full release at a low, low price.

Day 3 of 3D Brawler Game Jam

By the end of yesterday, I added a rudimentary enemy AI to fight with. Things like health and hit reaction are not wired up yet. That will be today’s task. The form of the characters’ bodies are kind of inspired by Pop! toys and Mr. Potato Head. Hopefully with some animation and textures I can make them come alive. For now they’ll remain as clay to minimize the temptation to go into art mode and start making things pretty. That will come later.

Screenshot (698)

Day 2 Of Game Jam

It’s Day 2 of my personal week-long game jam to take a creative break from Deadweight! Here are the screens from the end of yesterday’s work. Got basic first person punching and blocking implemented. Today I’ll begin work on creating an enemy AI to contend with via those stubby fists.


A Little Change Of Pace

This week I’m gonna try something a little different and embark on a personal game jam in which I quickly produce a simple, working game in a span of about a week. I already have the concept pinned down. It’s a 3D brawler in first person.

At the moment I’m creating the player controller and wiring up the code work for it, so no excitement-inducing screens to share yet except for a very empty Unity scene.

Screenshot (693)

Game Calls For Longer Development Time And I’m OK With It

It took quite a bit of internal wrestling to arrive at this decision, but I’ve finally settled into accepting the fact that it will take a little while longer to complete my game, Deadweight. Not just a month or two like I’ve been planning, but maybe even a whole year. I’ve considered my options – release it early devoid of content and hope for the best, release it on the increasingly popular early access model, or suck it up and continue working toward a complete product with an increased investment of time. I’m certain the ladder is the best choice – the one I won’t regret.

But it’s been challenging to reconcile that with my urge to “cash in” and get on with my life. I gave it a few days to simmer, but after a few weeks I still felt conflicted. That’s when I recognized how I may be deluding myself, thinking that one event will “solve” everything.

I reviewed a lot of Eckhart Tolle material (a spiritual teach of sorts for those who don’t know) to remind myself that happiness is not a destination or a thing we acquire, but a state of being that can be achieved immediately in the now if only we allow ourselves to let go of the illusion that some event needs to occur before that happens. And that’s what I’ve been guilty of doing all this time, hinging my happiness on some future event and the things that I will acquire afterwards. I tired of living in that state. It’s not healthy. And it’s bad for the game.

In my mind there is a version of Deadweight that is really cool. I’ve got a fairly clear idea on what needs to get done. And it’s as simple as spending more time on development to get it to that point. Not a stupid irresponsible length of time, but just enough to do the game real justice.

UI Mockup

ui mockup 2 ui mockup

I considered going UIless for Deadweight but there are some things that are made so much simpler with an integration of UI. The above images are old screenshots with a quick mockup UI overlayed on top.


The crosshair was replaced with a laser sight early on but I couldn’t get the laser to work reliably and without minor buggy-ness. Making it hard to aim in a FPS is probably a big no-no so the crosshair is coming back!


I’ve added a countdown timer to indicate how much longer you must survive in the arena before the round is over. At one point I though it’d be neat to build a physical scoreboard monitor attached to the ceiling like a basketball stadium but didn’t care for the extra work when slapping on a counter as a UI is so much quicker.


Originally, I planned for players to die upon one hit from an enemy but in fairness I think a health meter would help players feel less cheated especially if they’re near the end of a difficult round. The game is very difficult as it is.


In order to offset the limitless ammo of the pistol, it overheats when after firing enough rounds in quick succession. Up until now it was guesswork to know how much heat was building up and the gun would malfunction before players could know to cool down. With a meter that keeps track of overheating, players should be able to make a more strategic decision to cool off before continuing to fire.

Entertainment For The Whole Family


Oooh, so nice to stretch those concept art muscles after a long freakin’ hiatus in that department. Deadweight is largely set in a stadium/arena and I need robots to populate the seats. These guys represent an example of what those robots will look like.


Yesterday, I did nothing but sleep. All day and night. I only got up to eat and surf the web a few times. Yesterday, I didn’t feel like doing anything. Today I feel like a million bucks. Today I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do!

My sleep cycle has been getting messed up in the past few weeks with no regularity to what hours I go to bed. It was common for me to stay up all night and sleep all afternoon the next day. And I don’t feel well rested after that.

Starting today, I mean to reintroduce a regular schedule into my life. There’s been too many days when I don’t feel like doing anything and I think it has something to do with irregular sleep patterns and lack of deep rest.

Also, I’ve been slacking off on hitting the gym so I want to get back into the groove of working out every day for short but intense 20-30 minutes sessions. That always feels good, especially when I cap it with a visit to the sauna.

Another thing I’ve put off for far too long are the Youtube video logs and development updates I’ve been meaning to do. I think it’d be a great thing to have for posterity. If I can just treat it like any other daily habit like brushing my teeth and taking a shower, i.e. keep it low effort and low time commitment, then I should be able to maintain the habit.

Lastly, I’ve been depriving myself of any form of social life. A new club opened up only blocks away from my house. I should start going out on weekends just to get out of the house and get my jaws moving – you know, holding conversations with other human beings.

These are things I must do if I am to continue developing Deadweight to its full potential in the months to come without losing steam. A healthy set of habits and routines will go a long way in keeping me happy and productive for the long haul.

I’ve been yearning to get my game out the door quickly so I can finally move out of mom’s house and live on my own again. But I fear that in my haste I may release a half-ass game that does not reflect my very best effort. That, I cannot allow.

It’s helped to change my perspective on the matter and focus on the wonderful things I do have instead of what’s missing in my life. This morning I reflected on things I’m grateful for – a loving mom, an adorable dog, a big house in which I’m free to spend all my days doing work that I love without any financial pressure to pay living expenses for as long as I want. I shouldn’t forget what a sweet deal that is.